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Cordato Partners Property Law Practice

We love property work at Cordato Partners!

We are always keen to accept new work.

Our conveyancing team consists of 3 full time conveyancing paralegals, a part timer and an administrative assistant, as well as Tony Cordato who likes to oversee the work. We have casuals who come in to handle busy times.

We also have 2 litigation lawyers, who handle the disputes and court work. Common disputes are lease evictions, caveat removals, strata repairs, planning appeals and claims by lenders against borrowers and guarantors. The Contracts themselves are very rarely in dispute.

So, if you have any work in these fields, contact the team.

  • Caveats - registration, disputes
  • Conveyancing - buying and selling, mortgages
  • Development - strata & land subdivisions, easements
  • Finance - loans, mortgages, debenture charges
  • Leases - residential, retail, commercial
  • Planning Land and Environment Court appeals
  • Strata - contracts, disputes, liability
  • Vendor Finance terms contracts, rent to own, deposit finance

Phone 8297 5600
Street Address Level 5, 49 York Street, Sydney NSW 2000 (near Wynyard)

Our philosophy is that each professional is highly skilled at their job, so we do the conveyancing, and allow mortgage brokers to arrange finance, real estate agents to sell and manage properties and accountants to prepare accounts.

We love to work with property professionals, particularly mortgage brokers, real estate agents, accountants, valuers, vendor financiers, architects, civil engineers and planners. If you would like a referral, contact us.

Are you looking to sell your home or investment property?
10 Frequently Asked Legal Questions answered

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Q 2 What Certificates do I need to have for the Contract?

Q 3 How do I decide upon which real estate agent will do the best job?

Q 4 What do I look for before I sign a sales agency agreement?

Q 5 When does the Contract for Sale need to be prepared?

Q 6 What items need to be covered in the Contract for Sale?

Q 7 What are cooling off rights and how do they affect a Contract for Sale?

Q 8 What tax traps do I need to keep in mind when selling a property?

Q 9 What needs to be done to discharge the mortgage?

Q 10 Do I need to be present at the settlement?


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