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The Landlord's Guide To Renting


This legal guide to residential tenancy law is for landlords - property investors - property owners, who would like to know more about the ins and outs of the law of landlord and tenant, to optimise their rental property investing.

Residential Tenancy Law is found in the NSW Residential Tenancy Act 2010 and its equivalents around Australia. The law protects tenants. As NSW Fair Trading puts it -

The Tenancy Law provides consumer protection to the tenant, and imposes responsibilities upon the landlord in favour of the tenant.

This Renting Guide contains some highlights of Tenancy Law.

It comes in eight separate parts. Click on each to access -

Part 1 Repairs
Part 2 Rent Increases
Part 3 How to end a Lease
Part 4 Quiet Enjoyment, Tenants breaking a lease
Part 5 Rental Bond claims
Part 6 Strata Renting
Part 7 Landlord Insurance
Part 8 Tax Guide for Rental Properties

This Renting Guide is a reference for landlords to use to make more informed decisions. It is not a DIY (Do It Yourself) guide for landlords.

Rental Property Managers are recommended they play a valuable role not only in selecting good tenants but also in looking after rent payments, repairs, bond claims and other tenancy issues.

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