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Selling A Property

Will your swimming pool pass the pool safety tests under the new laws if you sell or lease?

Swimming pool safety, especially barrier fencing, is a hot topic for all swimming pool owners in NSW.

The reason is that as from 29 April 2016, the NSW Government requires sellers of houses with a swimming pool or spa (and landlords too) to have a valid certificate of compliance for their swimming pool or spa.

What this means for house sellers, landlords, strata scheme owners, real estate agents and property managers is that if they sell or lease a property with a swimming pool or spa, there must be a valid certificate of compliance.

The legal consequences for non-compliance are severe - Contracts for Sale could be voided, leases could be breached, insurance cover be put into jeopardy and lending / mortgage covenants could be contravened.

To find out more about the new laws for swimming pool and spa compliance, and how to comply, click Selling and leasing a house with a swimming pool or spa is about to become harder in NSW

Last days for low price estimates for Sydney property auctions and sales

In the hot Sydney real estate market, it has been common practice for selling agents to give low price estimates to attract bidders to property auctions.

Are you looking to sell your home or investment property?

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